MDaemon Messaging Server — Instant Messaging

ComAgent included with MDaemon® Messaging Server, provides closed instant messaging (IM), address book synchronization, and an email monitoring tray applet that provides quick access to MDaemon's webmail client's (WorldClient) email features.

Secure Instant Messaging

ComAgent is equipped with a closed instant messaging system. You can view your list of ComAgent "buddies" and each one's online status (online, away, offline), start a conversation with any one or group of them, set your own online status, and view past conversations in a history folder.

Unsecured IM versus ComAgent secured IM


Many businesses and administrators have reservations about using an Instant Messaging system in their company due to the inherent lack of centralized accountability and the inability to monitor IM traffic from traditional and well known IM clients. ComAgent's instant messaging system was designed to minimize those deficiencies. Advantages of using ComAgent:MDaemon - Instant Messenger - ComAgent Instant Message

  • Every IM passes through the mail server; i.e. ComAgent is not peer-to-peer. Individual ComAgent clients do not connect directly to each other.
  • Each message is logged in a central location accessible to the MDaemon/WorldClient administrator. A record of all conversations can be maintained for the security of both your company and your employees or users.
  • ComAgent's IM system is secure in that each transaction is encrypted from start to finish so that plain text is never transmitted.
  • Third-party spam cannot infiltrate ComAgent's closed network.
  • The ComAgent interface is compatible with msstyles skins which are readily available on the Internet. Several styles are included.

Email Notification

ComAgent IM Content Filter

ComAgent runs in the background and checks your account for new mail by querying the server directly. This eliminates the need to open a browser or keep one open to check your email — ComAgent checks for new mail and notifies you with a sound or visual alert when new mail arrives. ComAgent also displays a list of your mail folders and the number and type of messages that each one contains (new, unread, and read). It can also be used to launch MDaemon's webmail client, WorldClient, and move it immediately to a specific mail folder, the first unread message, the compose page, or your calendar page.

Automatic Address Book Synchronization

MDaemon - Instant Messenger - ComAgent Address book Synchronization

ComAgent can be used to provide two-way address book synchronization between your MDaemon Messaging Server and the Outlook/Outlook Express address book on each user's local computer. Thus, if you use both Outlook or Outlook Express and WorldClient at different times, the address books will match in both products.

Anyone using ComAgent with the proper access credentials can also add Public contacts by using the Windows Address Book directly, or through Outlook/Outlook Express. The new contact will be picked up by ComAgent and uploaded to MDaemon's address book. From there all other users on your network will have access to the new contact the next time their ComAgent queries MDaemon.

Obtaining and Installation

ComAgent can be downloaded by each WorldClient user and then installed on the individual's local computer. It is pre-configured for the specific user when downloaded thus limiting the need to configure it manually.

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