SecurityGateway for Email Servers


Layered Defenses and Flexible Configuration Improve Server Performance and Security

SecurityGateway for Email Servers combines nearly two decades of email security expertise with proven security technologies to protect message traffic from malicious attacks, message tampering and email address identity theft. Using multiple security methods, SecurityGateway assures the accurate delivery of legitimate email while minimizing the potential of false positives.

SecurityGateway incorporates multiple AV engines and proactive Outbreak Protection technology, combined with additional signature recognition and heuristic analysis, to detect viruses, spam, phishing, spyware and other types of unwanted and harmful email.

Outbound data leak prevention, which uses the industry standard Sieve filtering language, allows administrators the flexibility to customize the flow of outbound email - to prevent the sending of unauthorized content and attachments.

The SecurityGateway for Email Server Advantages

The SecurityGateway email spam firewall for Exchange/SMTP offers many advantages:

  • Accurate Detection — With multiple analysis tools for separating threats from legitimate email, SecurityGateway leverages the best proven anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-phishing, and anti-spoofing technologies to produce a 99% spam blocking rate and achieve nearly zero false-positive results.
  • Simple Administration — Intuitive, task oriented interface allows already overworked administrators to perform common actions with minimal effort. Administrative responsibilities may be delegated to a domain administrator. End users are empowered to determine the fate of a message without the need to contact the administrator.
  • Comprehensive Reporting — Identify email traffic patterns and potential problems with SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP's comprehensive reporting. All reports support point-and-click drill-down targeting allowing further analysis to be performed.
  • Data Loss Prevention — In addition to inbound mail traffic filtering, SecurityGateway also filters outbound email. An easy-to-use interface allows policies to be created which detect and prevent the unauthorized transmission of sensitive information outside of your network.
  • Powerful Filtering Engine — SecurityGateway's powerful filtering engine is based upon the industry standard SIEVE mail filtering language. An administrator may extend its functionality by using their own SIEVE scripts.
  • Defense Layer Customization™ — A unique control method that allows email administrators the flexibility to prioritize the order of operations a specific security rule will execute when analyzing incoming or outgoing email traffic.

SecurityGateway email spam firewall for Exchange/SMTP Servers offers simple administration, powerful filtering, and accurate results. To see for yourself, put it to the test with a 14-day free trial, Or simply buy now.

Security Features

junk email breakdownAlt-N Technologies has incorporated over 10 years of mail server technology expertise to develop an email security firewall for users of any SMTP email server. SecurityGateway email spam firewall for Exchange/SMTP Servers incorporates multiple defense layers that deliver comprehensive protection at the edge of your network to prevent spam, phishing, viruses, and other threats to your email communications. Built upon the industry standard SIEVE mail filtering language, SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP offers performance and flexibility in managing inbound and outbound email traffic.


Multiple testing methods allow administrators to adjust spam prevention techniques and block 99% of incoming spam.

  • Heuristic and Bayesian Engines allow for two different filtering techniques
  • DNS and URI Blocklists use numerous third-party servers to determine spam
  • Greylisting delays inbound mail from unknown senders to discourage spam
  • Message Certification allows for a third-party to validate a sending server so it is considered friendly
  • Backscatter Protection prevents receiving irritating bounce messages from messages you did not send
  • Message Scoring can be customized to fit each domain's needs — each domain can refuse, quarantine, or tag messages based on various scores


Flexible configuration to perform automatic updates at regular intervals, ensuring the greatest protection. Messages with viruses may be refused or quarantined for later review on a per-domain basis.


Multiple techniques are used to verify a sender's address to prevent spammers from forging the origin of the message.

  • Reverse Lookups can tag or refuse messages if the sending mail server or email address is forged
  • Call Back Verify allows SecurityGateway to verify that the sending email address is valid before accepting the message

Email Authentication

Incorporates current authentication techniques used to validate and sign messages to minimize the receipt of possible spam messages.

  • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) associates domain names to represent a sender's identity. Messages are sent with a digital "fingerprint," which is then validated upon receipt to confirm the signer's identity and to ensure the message was not tampered with during transit over the Internet
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Sender ID uses IP-based or path-based methods to verify the sender of a message


Multiple techniques to allow legitimate mail in while preventing unauthorized access — all configurable on a per-domain basis.

  • Relay Control prohibits messages from being accepted or delivered if they are not to or from a SecurityGateway user
  • SMTP Authentication can force users to authenticate with a username and password when sending mail, if desired
  • IP Shielding allows SecurityGateway to only accept mail from a domain if it matches a pre—defined domain/IP pair
  • Dynamic Screening bans senders based on their suspicious activity
  • Tarpitting deliberately slows sessions when abuse-type activity is detected
  • Bandwidth Throttling can prevent email services from using all available bandwidth


Minimize incoming and outgoing threats by blocking or quarantining messages based on content or types of file attachments.

  • Message Content Filter allows the administrator to look for content within a message and take action based on the results
  • Preset File Types allows the administrator to tell SecurityGateway to block all attached video files, images, or executable files with one click


Block threats from known email abusers.

  • Addresses — match addresses by domain or email address
  • Hosts — match by the host name given during the SMTP session
  • IP — match by connecting IP address
  • Blacklist Actions allow the administrator to refuse or quarantine if a blacklist match occurs


Speed up message processing through the identification of friendly senders.

  • Addresses — exempt email from addresses by domain or email address
  • Hosts — exempt email by the host name given during the email session
  • IP — exempt email by connecting IP address

Policy Enforcement

Incorporates the powerful SIEVE email filter language to minimize data leakage of sensitive or proprietary information per company email policies. With the intuitive GUI design, administrators may prioritize and add to the filtering process in order to better manage the ingoing and outgoing message flow.

Administrator Options

SecurityGateway Email Spam Firewall for Exchange and SMTP Servers offers flexible protection with simple, easy-to-use settings for trouble-free administration.

Control Panel GUI

  • Intuitive design interface produces an easy-to-use understanding of SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP's features, configuration options, and settings.
  • 100% Web—based Access for greater flexibility

Domains and Users

SecurityGateway's per user and per domain options permit both global and custom configurations.

  • Automatic Domain and User Creation allows for nearly hands-free maintenance of the domain and user base
  • Domain Administrator Settings allow for special administrators who may edit or configure their group of domains without having full, server-wide access to the SecurityGateway configurations
  • Per User Options let the user, domain administrator, or global administrator set user-specific settings

Mail Handling

Flexible email delivery options for easy message processing

Multiple Domains

SecurityGateway maintains a list of which email needs to go where and delivers it per your specifications

Message Quarantine Options

Flexible message reviewing based upon administrative and user need.

  • Domain Level Access so that domain administrators may review all quarantined messages for their domains
  • User Level Access allowing for easy user-access and action on their individual quarantines

Database Maintenance

Simple back-up and restore functionality of the database and the server configuration.

Private Account Options

Enables administrators to easily manage and grant access to users for basic self-help feature functionality.

  • Individual Whitelists and Blacklists to allow or refuse mail on a per-user basis
  • Individual Message Logs so a user may search only within messages sent to them
  • Quarantine Management is used to configure how often quarantine reports are sent and how quarantined messages are handled

Defense Layer CustomizationTM

A unique control that allows global administrators the flexibility to prioritize the order of operations of SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP's multiple security features. Simple up and down arrows within the easy-to-use interface enable an administrator to change the order in which a specific security rule will execute when analyzing incoming or outgoing email traffic. This technique can result in faster processing of email by allowing the rejection or quarantine of messages at the earliest point during processing.

System Logs and Comprehensive Reports

good vs junk mailSecurityGateway Email Spam Firewall for Exchange and SMTP Servers provides detailed logs for administrators and users showing the disposition of each email delivered, quarantined, rejected – and why. And its comprehensive reporting identifies mail traffic patterns and potential problems.

System Logs

Messaging Logs — Color-coded displays highlight a variety of common, uniquely identifiable information about each message for easy analysis and action.

  • Global Message Log contains information about all messages that have come in or out of the server (including failed delivery attempts)
  • Domain Message Log contains information about all messages that have come in or out of the server for the selected domain
  • Quarantined Message Queue contains all messages that have been quarantined due to policy, abuse, or viruses

Historical Logs — Searchable information to assist in detailed analysis of inbound and outbound message activity.

  • Configurable Log Retention
  • Systems Logs
  • Inbound Logs
  • Outbound Logs
  • HTTP Logs

Comprehensive Reports

Reports — The reporting functions of SecurityGateway for Exchange/SMTP are designed to provide easy-to-use, at a glance identification of trends and potential issues. The color-coded, drill-down functionality allows the administrator to easily analyze a potential problem. Detailed reports also help identify troublesome delivery areas to improve server performance.

Summary Report

  • Extensive Search/Filter Options
  • Inbound vs. Outbound Traffic
  • Junk Email Breakdown
  • Bandwidth Utilization

Separate Inbound and Outbound Email Reports

  • Total Number of Messages Processed
  • Top Email Recipients by Number of Messages
  • Top Email Recipients by Message Size

Anti-Spam Report

  • Top Spam Senders by Domain
  • Top Spam Recipients by User

Anti-Virus Report

  • Inbound/Outbound Blocked
  • Inbound/Outbound by Virus Name