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MDaemon® Email Server for Windows

MDaemon Messaging Server, email server software for Windows, is a trusted alternative to Microsoft Exchange or SBS. MDaemon mail server supports IMAP, SMTP, POP3, and ActiveSync protocols and delivers solid performance from its feature-rich and user-friendly design.

What's New

  • Analyze MDaemon’s Security Settings
  • Access to Free Certificates
  • New Password Security
  • Improved Message Search in Remote Administration
  • Easily Connect to Dropbox
  • Flexible Chat Client Options
  • Advanced Webmail Search Features
  • Flexible Calendar Sharing Options
  • Easily Share Contacts with Other Email Clients
  • Flexible Email Signatures
  • Multiple Email Signatures
  • Enhanced Event & Task Reminders
  • Allow Embedded Images from Trusted Senders
  • Convenient Message Scheduling
  • Other Improvements


MDaemon - Email Server Features

The MDaemon Messaging Server requires almost no maintenance and simplifies messaging and collaboration requirements with an intuitive, user-friendly design providing enterprise-level features to meet the needs of a Small-to-Medium Business (SMB) budget.

  • Easy Setup, Administration, and Maintenance
  • Powerful Mail List Engine
  • Smart Message Routing
  • Attachment Linking
  • Domain Manager
  • Public Folder Manager
  • Public Folder Ticketing System
  • Share Domains Across Multiple MDaemon Servers
  • Account Quota Configuration
  • Active Directory Monitoring
  • MDaemon Backup and Recovery
  • Support for Virtual Environments
  • Colorized Session Logs
  • Account Grouping and Templates
  • Performance Counters


MDaemon - Security Features

The MDaemon Messaging Server is a leader in email security using a layered approach offering proactive protection against email-borne threats of spam, viruses, malware, and phishing.

  • Spam Filter
  • SSL and TLS
  • Relay Controls
  • SMTP Authentication
  • Bayesian Learning
  • Reverse Lookups
  • Content Filter
  • IP Shielding
  • Backscatter Protection
  • Vouch By Reference (VBR) Certification
  • Email Authentication
  • Spam Filter Blacklist
  • Dynamic Screening
  • Dynamic Screening Notifications
  • Hijacked Account Detection


MDaemon Email Archiving Features

Archiving email messages has become vital for many companies who wish to meet a growing number of regulations and laws regarding message archiving; including Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, Basel II, and FISMA. MDaemon Messaging Server's built-in message archival capabilities make it easy to safeguard your email messages, while meeting the requirements of increasingly stringent regulations.

  • Simple, Intuitive Configuration
  • Archiving to Multiple Addresses
  • Circumvent Mailbox Storage Quotas
  • Email Archive Searching from WorldClient (MDaemon's Web-Based Email)
  • Queues and Statistics Manager
  • Archive Inbound and Outbound Email
  • Archive Folder Custom Access Levels
  • Archive Based on Sender and Recipient Address
  • No Additional Fees